Our very first Grizzlies game.

My children play basketball in a church league. Every year, the league gets discount tickets to a Memphis Grizzlies game. We opted out the last few years because we couldn’t get them to sit still during a 90 minute Pixar movie, so we knew there was no chance of them sitting through an entire NBA game.

We decided to try it this year, and we were glad we did. It was a lot of fun, and the kids enjoyed themselves, too.


We were in the nosebleed section. Probably one of the reasons the tickets were so cheap.


Wee Beasty with his Grizz (Build A Bear).


Some action shots as experienced from the nosebleed section.


Free throw shots. I was astounded at how many free throws an NBA player misses. I was 100% my senior year in high school. My coach made us run wind sprints until we puked if we missed free throws. Food for thought, NBA.


A non-action shot as experienced from the nosebleed section.


Dude! Sit down! It’s hard enough to see from up here without you blocking my view.

And for a special treat, we stayed for the after-game show.


Bishop Hezekiah Walker! We moved closer to the court, but not much closer. The kids fell asleep, but Momma was jammin’!



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